5 Days of Comfort and Joy – the mini series!

Almost halfway through December, and hopefully you will be looking forward to preparing for some down time over the festive season. But I’m guessing there are still quite a few tasks to tick off before we get there, right?!

And does anyone else end up getting unwell when they go on holiday or take time off? I’m usually running around trying to do ALL the things in the lead up to Christmas and then collapse in a big heap when I get there…often ending up with a heavy cold just in time for my Christmas dinner.

This year has already been challenging enough, so I’m going to make sure I take some time out in the run-up to the busy season so that I can enjoy all the preparations, rather than feeling as though my to-do list is longer than Santa’s beard.

For the next five days, I’ll be posting some thoughts, tips and activities of how we can add some breathing room into our busiest days…and cultivate more feelings of comfort and joy!!

Feel free to join in, or share some ideas of how you manage your time when things get hectic.

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