Add Yourself To Your Gift List!

How’s the Christmas shopping going?  And did you remember to put the most important person on the list?

That would be you!

It’s unlikely that many of us do add our own name to the present list, but this can be a really good time of year to remember a very important lesson.  That we need to invest in ourselves too.

I bet you’ve put a lot of thought into what gift to buy your nearest and dearest. Whether it’s something useful, extravagant or just plain heartfelt, we want to show our love and appreciation to those who mean a lot to us.  And it’s only right that we should show ourselves that same consideration too.

Investing in ourselves doesn’t mean splashing out on something lavish.  It can be as simple as buying something that will add value to our life, or booking in for some self care, or learning, or fun.   Spending money on a training course might seem unnecessary if you’re lacking in excess funds, but if it helps you to progress in your career or start a new venture, then looking on it as a long term investment makes sense.

Sometimes we feel stuck in a situation or are unhappy with something, which could be improved by investing some extra time or attention to.  So it doesn’t have to be about spending money, either.

And if we’re feeling low in confidence, wearing old clothes that make us feel drab, or living in an environment surrounded by things that have seen better days, can lower our mood too.

So when you’re spending out on other people this year, ask yourself what gift would truly light you up this year?  And if it isn’t under the tree at Christmas, you have permission to invest in yourself instead.

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

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