How Do I Build A Growth Mindset?

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Last week, we looked at the ways in which having a fixed mindset can affect us.  So, what does a growth mindset look like? And, how do I build a growth mindset?

Having a growth mindset means that we believe that progress and success comes from learning and developing ourselves. Alongside building strengths such as resilience and confidence, having a positive mindset helps us to grow.  Not just that, but it also helps us manage the inevitable disappointments and failures that come with new challenges.

The more we seek out opportunities to grow, the more we reinforce the positive feelings that come with seeing ourselves progress.  And this in turn helps to strengthen our mindset, and build confidence in our abilities to cope.

But of course, putting ourselves out there and being open to knockbacks or failures takes courage. No one likes failing. No one starts out on a journey to end up disappointed. But the way we approach disappointments can help to make the experience less daunting.

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Tips to help you build a growth mindset

  • See failure as a necessary tool to learning.  Remember to review things that work well and not so well, so that if necessary, we can try something different next time.
  • Say yes to new experiences, even if it means starting small.  Take a different journey to work, try a new dish for dinner, wear a colour that you wouldn’t normally wear. Getting used to doing new things can help us develop a curiosity for new experiences.
  • Learn from other people. If you have a goal or dream in mind, follow someone who has already achieved it.  What does their routine look like? How do they approach life? What is their self talk like, how do they frame success or failure? Have they had disappointments?
  • Accept that change doesn’t happen overnight, and that you might have a slip-up along the way.  Making changes to the way we think and feel will take time and practice, so try not to feel too disheartened if it takes longer than you’d hoped. Also, recognise and celebrate your successes.  Setting yourself small, consistent goals are easier to achieve and will give you some milestones to aim for on the journey.

Hope these have given you some food for thought.

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