How it all started…

One of the reasons I decided to start this blog was because I have been reading some really great stuff on other people’s blogs, from all around the world. Sometimes you can find exactly what you need to hear at the time, and sometimes you might read stuff and completely disagree, or think I would have said that differently.  Having an outlet to write is also a good way of rearranging your own thoughts and challenging what you think within yourself.

As I mentioned in my ‘About Me’ blurb, I didn’t just want to write about my own specific situation. I’ve read lots of blogs about being over 40, but still find some of them aimed more for the over 50s rather than someone who still feels like a teenager!!  I’ve also read a lot about being single, but again, I found that quite a few were just moans about past partners and being pretty down on men, and that’s not my style either.     I don’t think we can categorise ourselves purely on age, or whether we have children or have got a ring on our finger.  What’s true for me may be very different to someone else who, on the face of it, I should have a lot in common with.

What I am interested in, is people with similar passions to me. Or who have a similar outlook as me.  People that I feel “get me”.  And that has nothing to do with age, gender or marital status.   It’s just about making connections with people.

I’ve found a lot of great people through Instagram and Pinterest – if you haven’t checked these out yet, it’s a great way of finding like-minded people. Searching for random hashtag labels on the stuff that interests you is a good way of finding interesting accounts to follow.   It’s not all photos of people eating their dinner, I promise.  But if anyone spots a good recipe for cheesecake….

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