How will you spend your extra hour?






How will you be using your extra hour?

It’s that time of year again, when British Summer Time gives way and ushers in the new season 🍂

There’s a lot of debate about the impact this causes, but it does give us the benefit of an extra hour of a valuable resource. Time. So how can you make the most of your hour?

💤.  If the transition into Winter is already making you want to hibernate, use this hour to work on your sleep hygiene.  Sleep is probably the most important factor for both our physical and mental health, so monitoring our pre and post sleep behaviour can help ward off any issues.   Do you use screen time before bed? Is your environment, or your mind, cluttered?  Are you getting sunlight in the morning to reset your circadian rhythm?  Making some small changes or exercises to help your body with sleep can make a big difference.

💭 You might want to use your hour as a planning session and get a head start on the busy months to come. Take a bit of time to make sure you have important dates or deadlines written in the diary first, so that you can plan any festive jobs and activities around these. Then write a brief list of things that will need doing, and a rough plan of when.  Also make sure you allow yourself time for rest, to reduce burnout.

🔮 Or simply allow yourself time to dream and wish. Our minds are often in a hectic state, trying to keep up with day to day demands. Technology makes us feel we are constantly contactable and our minds get used to this feeling of being ‘on alert’, just in case we miss something important. But this hyper attention gives us little time or mindspace to just daydream or imagine and fire up our creativity…something we probably used to do as children.  Taking a walk in green spaces or nature can help with grounding yourself back in the here and now. Other people find they get their best ideas in the shower.

However you use your hour, do something that feeds into what you need today. More rest? More forethought and planning? More creativity?

Whatever it is for you…enjoy ever second of it! ⚡️

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