How To Find Your Spark – The Weekend Project


How would you like to feel more confident, more motivated and more excited about life?

This downloadable pdf guide is packed with inspiration and practical exercises, which will provide a toolkit to help you start a little fire in your own life.

Using techniques based in cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness, it will walk you through the steps to find clarity and identify your purpose, look at what holds you back, and guide you to take action and stay motivated.

What will you be inspired to do this weekend?










Welcome to ‘How To Find Your Spark – The Weekend Project’.

Discover how to get unstuck and find your spark, without spending weeks (or £££s) in a coaching programme.

What is ‘How to Find Your Spark’?

This downloadable pdf guide contains inspiration for creating a life that you love – with advice, exercises, worksheets and visualisations.

Using techniques based in cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness, you can work through the project at your own pace, and developing tools to create more spark in your life.

If you want to set aside a weekend to work through it in one go, then great!  This will give you a real kickstart into taking positive action.

However, you can also work through the individual sections at a speed you are comfortable with, to go a bit deeper on some of the questions and solutions that you want to build.

You will receive access to the guide on checkout, plus you will get an email link with unlimited access (via the link in the ‘Download’ box), so that you can download the guide to your PC or laptop, and work through the exercises in your own time.

Exercises include:

  • ’Wheel of Life’ coaching tool to identify which areas of your life and are working well, and which need some TLC
  • Creating your list of ‘joy resources’ – a little first aid kit of happy, for when you need a boost
  • How to reframe your negative self talk and replace it with more positive affirmations
  • Visualising Success – a visualisation exercise to help to see how success could feel to you
  • Top tips for taking action

Plus journal prompts to collate your ideas and thoughts.

This is for you, if you recognise any of the following:

  • Feeling a bit stuck at the moment or are struggling to find your direction
  • Feel flat and uninspired, and are looking to find that spark and bring joy back into your life
  • You are emerging from a difficult situation and need a boost to get yourself back into the world again
  • You don’t have the time or money to spend on in depth coaching