Welcome to the New Year

A woman looking over her shoulder into the distance

Don’t. Look. Back. ⚡️ So we’re welcoming in a New Year, and it’s tempting to keep one foot in the last one…by choice or not.

However the last year has treated you, the dawning of a new year can bring a funny mixture of trepidation and excitement.

It also gives us a real opportunity to draw a line and start again. If we choose to. But we risk being unkind to ourselves by dragging along the regrets, failings, comparison and doubt that may have come up last year.

And with that, comes the pressure to do more, be better, achieve greater.

What if you just allowed yourself rest and compassion instead?

Welcome the new year as a chance to go again. When you’re ready. We achieve much more by being consistent with our actions, and more intentional with our thoughts. And we can’t do that if we’re punishing ourselves with resolutions that expect too much, too soon.

So welcome 2023 warmly, yet gently. Treat it as a budding shoot, that needs nurturing and care. 🌱

There are 364 more days left…you don’t need to do it all this week!! ⚡️

Photo credit: Debbie Pan via Unsplash.com