You haven’t wandered off the path…this IS the path

I’ve been reflecting on this thought lately, because it pretty much sums up the last few months for me…how about you? 

Going through any change can make us feel untethered.  Uncertainty creeps in and we start to doubt ourselves.  And we think about turning back, or feel stuck and unable to make progress.

But these are the things we’re meant to experience alongside growth.

Feeling caught in the middle of where we were, and where we’re heading next can be lonely and confusing.  Because we probably haven’t been here before, and even when we have an important goal, we don’t have an exact plan of how things will work out.

There’s a few things that can help:

⚡️ Take a pause to rest and reflect

⚡️ Remember your ‘why’

⚡️ Plan one small step at a time

⚡️ Celebrate each milestone

And remember that you haven’t wandered off the path…this IS the path.


Photo credit:  Martino Pietropoli via